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The North Point Office Complex is a 750,000 sf facility located near the lakefront in downtown Cleveland. Payto Architects designed Phase II of the project consisting of a 21 story office tower. The tower is connected to the 5-story office buildings constructed in Phase I by transparent atriums, these relief points cut diagonally throught the site as a continuation of the primary pedestrian and vehicular access points. In addition to providing providing sight lines and circulation through the site, the "sight easements" allow for more views from within the buildings, tenants located at the wall of the junction between buildings are afforded both a view out to the lake, or inward to the courtyard and city-scape. The atriums are further emphasized at night through the unique cold cathode light rings which illuminate the space from each truss. The lights reflect on the glass roof of the atrium at night and make the building a prominent fixture of the Cleveland skyline. In addition to office space, programs housed within the complex include: break-out training spaces, mock trial rooms, a 95 seat auditorium and full-service restaurant.

1990 Developers Award for Excellence
1991 National Commercial Builders Award of Merit
1986 AIA Urban Design Award

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