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kent state university ASHTABULA CAMPUS MASTER PLAN

Main Hall P3
Main Hall

Payto Architects has developed the master plan for Kent State University's scenic Ashtabula Campus. The Ashtabula Campus is the only one of the Regional campuses to be located near to the shores of Lake Erie. The master plan aims at formalizing the entry and approach to campus and creating a centralized outdoor plaza to unite the scattered buildings. In addition, Payto Architects has been instrumental on developing a master plan for the main classroom building of the campus (Main Hall). This working the client to create a long-term vision of programming for the campus. Thus far, Payto Architects has completed a renovation to 2nd Floor, A-wing of Main Hall, a renovation of the Technology Building, and we are currently in the construction phase for a major 1st floor renovation to Main Hall. We are proud of the role we have played in shaping this ever-growing regional campus, and hope to continue working with the campus to fulfill the master-plan.

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