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kent state university STARK LIBRARY


In 2006, The Kent State Stark Regional Campus realized the need to convert existing under-utilized library stack areas into computer based classrooms to reflect the changing use of library and educational spaces The intent of the project was to create a seamless renovation that visually integrates with the exisiting context. The scope of this project, involved the creation of (4) technology classrooms within the existing library lower level. The building was constructed in the early 1970's and had very few modifications to date. The existing, coffered ceiling system is original and was created on a 30"x60" module. This posed serious limitations to the possiblity of constructing new walls and partitions. After close examination and study, Payto Architects developed a layout that worked with the existing ceiling system as well as the integration of new light fixtures. Supplementary power and data were added to create technology classrooms, housing (36) computers each. A few years later, Payto Architects performed preventative maintenance and deterioration repairs on the envelope of the building. Most recently, we renovated the library restrooms. Building operations were maintained throughout construction of all projects.

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