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kent state univeristy STARK CAMPUS EXPERIENCE

FInal IMG_8854
Final DSCN0101

Payto Architects has completed several projects in Kent State University Stark Campus Main Hall. In 2007 we relocated the reception desk and switchboard to the main entrance of Main Hall. The custom desk accomodates 2 staff members and features a locking roll-top to secure computers and desktop areas at the end of the day. Wood and acoustic panels were affixed over interior walls to conceal existing brick, clay tile flooring was replaced by quartz tile and metal halide fixtures were replaced with indirect incandescent fixtures. This project helped to provide a new image and welcoming feel for campus visitors. 

Most recently, Payto Architects completed an interior renovation project housing the Student Services offices in Main Hall. This project focused on redirecting the flow of students to improve their experience with Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid and other services. The one-step model was developed with a central reception point, who could quickly address immediate needs or direct students to the different sub-groups within the department. Care was taken to provide adequate privacy and security for both students and staff. A muted color palette gives an updated aesthetic to the space, while blending new and existing furnishings.

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