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salem community center CENTERPLEX


Flexibility is a key aspect of the service philosophy of Payto Architects. We were approached in early 2014 by The Salem Community Foundation, with the need for additional space for indoor basketball space. The Community center which we designed in 2001 and added onto in 2007 had outgrown its capacity to accommodate the burgeoning youth basketball and volleyball leagues, which draw from as far as 40 to 50 miles
away. From this need came what is known as, CenterPlex.

Working closely with the Center and General Contractor, we developed a scheme for (2) full size courts, which could be adapted to (4) half courts with divider curtains between. During the design process, an indoor track was added to accommodate short and long distance running events. Surfaces for the track were designed to
accommodate running spikes and court surfaces utilized a poured urethane material.


Due to property limitations on the existing property, parking was forced to be limited in number. As construction documents were complete, an opportunity came available for the Center to acquire an additional adjacent property. Through quick design assessments we were able to show them how the building could be re-oriented on the site while nearly doubling the parking capacity of the complex, while further alleviating construction costs related to removal and replacement of non-suitable soils, which were known to be on site.

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