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featured retail & workplace projects

Payto Architects has designed a number of projects for corporate offices throughout northeast ohio. In each of these projects, we seek to create a design which embodies the culture of the company with a timeless quality that will last for decades. We have designed corporate projects ranging in scale from new headquarters building to small interior renovations and build-out. Payto Architects maintains the same quality of service and dedication to quality design on every project, whether large or small.

The following is a list of our corporate clients:


Marconi Medical Systems


Picker International


Hattie Larlham Foundation

Whirlaway Corp.


Jones Day

Lifeline Screening


Foster Chevrolet Cadillac

AML Rightsource


Regency Construction

T.H. Martin

The Schmidt Building

The Market Place

Cleveland Food Hub

The Cooke Building

Akron Food Works

Leas Kitchen

ATI Aviation

Produce Packaging

Alloy Engineering






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