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At Payto Architects, each project is a unique set of circumstances without constraint or preconceived ideas.  Our approach to all projects both public and private is one that is based on cooperation and collectively devised solutions.  This methodology hinges on hearing and addressing all issues and concerns from the start, challenging the project team and eliminating preconceptions to nurture creative, original solutions.  By respecting the physical and social context of a project, we create something that reflects the organization, not the architect or committee, so it can be appreciated and enjoyed long after the committee and architect are gone.


We begin every project by weighing the program against the construction budget and particular needs. Early discussions are held to determine not only area and programmatic requirements, but also structural, exterior envelope, mechanical and electrical considerations.  Researching this depth of detail has given our firm a more accurate accounting record early in the projects' development. Once the project budget is agreed upon, we monitor each decision from Schematic Design through Construction Documents to ensure compliance. The value of this approach has been reflected in the success of our projects.

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