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foster chevrolet oldsmobile cadillac DEALERSHIP


Foster Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac was established in 1955 and has grown to be one of the highest volume dealers in the geographic area. Being a family run operation, the intensive renovations and additions completed in 2003 were based on the principals of improving customer service and increasing productivity of the operation. Every design decision was measured against its impact on the total customer experience and the ability to efficiently fulfill the needs of customers. The facility involves sales, service and parts operations. Electrical services and distribution were upgraded as well as life safety improvements for the entire facility. The schedule for this competitively bid project was only 12 months from its inception to completion of construction. Payto Architects coordinated with the owner to relocate essential operations and establish on-site, temporary office and sales space to maintain operations during construction. 
In 2012, Payto Architects assisted the Foster Dealership in completing building modifications required by Chevrolet to meet corporate standards. 

2004 Metal Architecture Awards - Honorable Mention

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