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kent state univeristy CENTER FOR THE VISUAL ARTS

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This project was to create additional working studios for the world renown School of Fashion for Kent State University.The total construction budget for the project was $1,700,000 and included a full renovation of 9,600 sf of the second floor of the building, exterior envelope improvements and a full roof replacement. All new mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems were included.

From a design perspective, the Kent State University looked to maintain an open, loft feel, with a focus on functionality. Being production studios for fashion students, our design team worked closely with the department to identify the workflow and processes that were critical. Locations and positioning of sewing machines and ironing stations were critical. To reduce cost, desks that were formerly used by the Architecture studios were re-furbished and modified to meet the new

functions, thus saving a significant amount of money and lead time.

Since opening, the reviews have been nothing but positive, both from students and faculty. The success of this project is a testament to the open minded, listening first approach that the Payto design team takes on every project. The project management skills and attention to detail of Jeff Foster, ensured that this project would not only make the mark in terms of completing on time and budget, but also would achieve the aspirational goals of the department.

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