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boys & girls club HEIGHTS YOUTH CLUB

Ping Pong

The program for this project involved converting an existing church building into a new youth recreation center. Full MEP replacements and upgrades were required to adapt the building to the new function. The budget was limited due to the non-profit nature of the organization. The building location in a residential neighborhood in conjunction with neighbors perceptions of the proposed use, created the need for a compassionate, respectful solution. Through Payto Architects' experience with wellness centers and knowledge of the needs and goals of non-profits, a logical, functional, and responsive solution was established. The architecture of the neighborhood was maintained while adding functional items such as an elevator shaft, new entry, and wheelchair lift. Interior spaces were carefully re-utilized ensuring that each dollar spent would improve the experience of the members of the club. The interiors of the building are accented by bright, bold colors which energize and help to transform the space into an active environment.

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