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home & garden show MODEL HOME

Model 1
Group Oblique
Group Plan
Solar Lighting

The commission for this project was to design an exemplary home that would built and displayed at the 1979 Home and Garden Show. The design for the home features and open and flexible floorplan and is based on a number of sustainable strategies which realize the potential of possive energy. Thick walls on the south side of the building serve as thermal mass to regulated the temperature differential between the outside and inside of the home. Adjustable louvers on the south side of the home are matte black on one side for heat absorption, and reflective on the other side. The louvers absorb or reflect energy as desired, and direct natural illumination off the ceiling and into the house interiors. Supplimentary heat is provided by a wood burning stove which delivers heat as needed. The heating zones are separated between public and private spaces to provide heat to the areas based on use at different times of day.

*This project was firm principal Jerry Payto's experience while with another firm.

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