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university of akron PLANNING


Payto Architects worked on several projects for the University of Akron that involved the development and fulfillment of the campus master plan. In the North Campus Parking Garage, we further developed the existing masterplan to include a pedestrian connection between Buchtel Ave. and Forge St. The parking garage facade creates at pedestrian-scale street scape that speaks to the aesthetic of the campus. In addition to 1,100 parking spaces, the structure contains office for Parking Services, a museum space and open tenant space for future retail. A pedestrian bridge connects the garage to the upper portion of campus over Buchtel Ave. After the success of the parking garage, a new academic building was built adjacent to the pedestrian space enclosing the passage as the dense, urban space it was intended to be. Payto Architects also completed a feasibility study for the Exchange St. Parking Deck expansion. This project was intended to be built in conjuction with the new football stadium, thus the proposed elevations reflect the context of the surrounding dorms and stadium. Though this project remains unbuilt, Payto Architects completed preliminary design drawings, parking functionality programming, construction budgets and schedules. 

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